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FGDP(UK) Scotland is committed to helping organisations and charities which aim to improve dental or oral health. In 2011 and 2012 we provided backing and support to The Ben Walton Trust. We will continue to help them spread the word in years to come.

Donating to the Ben Walton Trust

Students from Dundee University, Mike Walton and the FGDP’s Jonny Hiscocks

In 2014

Improved Online Mouth Cancer Resource

The Ben Walton Trust, Scotland’s leading mouth cancer awareness charity, has been in existence for 20 years. In the lead up this year’s Mouth Cancer Action/Awareness Month in November 2014 it has marked this milestone by launching a revised and improved online learning module for dental professionals.

Working with BMJ Learning and funded by organisations including FGDP(UK) Scotland, the Trust has updated and extended the online module, ‘Mouth cancer: recognising it and referring early’. The BMJ Learning module includes a podcast by a patient speaking of her journey and focuses on raising awareness of mouth cancer in groups who do not exhibit traditional risk factors including younger patients and women. An invaluable examination video is also available on the Trust website.

Trust chairman Mike Walton said: ‘This module would not have been possible without the tremendous fundraising support from a wide range of individuals and organisations such as FGDP(UK) Scotland.’

Module link:

Examination video:

In 2012

Raising funds for the BWT

Jonny Hiscocks and colleagues at New Town Dental Care raised more than £1,000

FGDP(UK) Scotland's press release made the front page of BBC's online news

FGDP(UK) Scotland’s press release made the front page of BBC’s online news

Jonny Hiscocks in action during MCAM 2012

Jonny Hiscocks carrying out the first donation for treatment of MCAM 2012

In March 2012, Cancer Research UK reported that the number of annual cases of oral cancer had risen to 6,200 from 4,400 cases a decade ago. Dentists are on the frontline for early detection of oral cancer and FGDP(UK) Scotland made 2012 a year to raise awareness. Our study day in 2012 helped raise more than £4,000 for the Trust and during the year we helped to give dentists and the public information on how to reduce the risks of oral cancer.

Some BWT background

The Ben Walton Trust was established in 1996 and commemorates Ben Walton who died after a year-long fight against oral cancer at the age of 22. The Trust believes that early detection is vital and can lead to a significantly improved survival rate. Most cases of oral cancer are linked to smoking, but alcohol misuse and the human papillomavirus (HPV) infection through oral sex are now significant factors.

What can dentists and DCPs do to combat oral cancer?

Visit the Trust’s – to get more information about detecting the early signs of oral cancer. If you have a patient with mouth ulcers and red or white patches that won’t heal then prompt action could save their life.