FGDP(UK) Scotland Study Day 2019 – A Round Up!

6 Dec 2019 - another successful study day!

The FGDP(UK) Scotland Study Day has been held every year since 1992 and is now one of the leading events in Scotland’s dental calendar. West of Scotland committee member Melissa Auvray helped take the temperature of delegates attending this year’s event on an initially wet and windy day at Glasgow Science Centre.

Close to 400 delegates attend this year’s event on Friday 6 December, benefiting from the big screen experience of an IMAX theatre and excellent facilities in the Science Centre. Attendees are predominantly Scottish but one flew from Canada to take part in a Glasgow Dental School reunion forming part of the event.

The reunion element is part of the very social and collegiate nature of the Study Day. This year dentists who graduated from Glasgow in 1984 and 1989 joined their colleagues during the day before an evening reunion meal. At the same time the full cohort of BDS5 students from Glasgow Dental School and the majority of their predecessors in VT (Foundation Year) joined a sizeable group of established dentists and recent MJDF graduates to represent the full spectrum of the dental community.

This blend of young and old has been established for many years in Glasgow as has a commitment to attract prominent experts from across the dental profession. This year delegates were able to gain from the knowledge and experience of two King’s College-based professors in Avijit Banerjee and Tara Renton.

VT case presentation winner

Will Glover, the Faculty’s Head of Education, commented: “I just want to say how very impressive it is that you manage to engage with young and old alike, with the student and with the experienced professional and that is no mean feat.”

Will Glover FGDP(UK) Head of Education

Communicating the strengths of our profession

West of Scotland committee member Gillian Lennox opened proceedings before introducing the Faculty’s Dean, Ian Mills, who took the opportunity to emphasise the themes of how good our profession is and the need for good communication. These were touched upon by all of the speakers, whether it was saving tooth tissue and educating patients, understanding pain pathways and listening to pain histories or leading a dental team. The enthusiasm for our profession and good communication was repeated again and again.

Giving teeth a chance to heal

Avijit Banerjee’s talks examined the contemporary management of the deep carious lesion. He reviewed how what was previously taught and treatment planned was destructive of tooth tissue and how now, by using the appropriate materials in the correct manner, we can give teeth a chance to heal and patients the ability to cure themselves.

Avijit Banerjee

“a really practicable and usable talk from an engaging speaker.”

Gordon Hawthorn Hamilton-based practitioner

Many delegates found his content and style not just helpful but entertaining and engaging. One delegate said, “it's reassuring to know you're doing the right thing.” While Gordon Hawthorn, a Hamilton-based practitioner commented that it had been “a really practicable and usable talk from an engaging speaker.”

Holistic treatments for patients in pain

Tara Renton's presentation on non-odontogenic pain was a talk packed with information about patients’ experience of pain, as well as it's causes. Delegates were encouraged to consider patients holistically, to take a detailed pain history and in addition to toothache to include migraine and other causes of chronic pain. One of her concluding comments was a quote from William Osler “The good physician treats the disease, the great physician treats the patient who has the disease.”

Her second talk was a thorough review of the evidence and techniques for local anaesthesia providing a compelling case for infiltration dentistry whilst avoiding systemic and localised complications.

Tara Renton

The presentations concluded with the Caldwell Memorial Lecture on Leadership with speakers providing very individual takes on the subject.

Faculty Board Member Sammi Stagnell discussed how leadership differs from management, that there is the need to be trusted and to engage people in the "why" of what you are doing. Clinical Director of general dental services for NHS Lanarkshire, Laura Milby stated the need to communicate and have integrity and with these you can not only lead from the front but the back and the middle too. To conclude Ewan Carmichael drew on his experience of leadership in the armed forces where he founded the Air Assault Medical Regiment.

ewan carmichael