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MJDF Study Group – East of Scotland

Minor surgery on a chicken!

Minor surgery on a chicken during our mock exam day!

The East of Scotland MJDF study group is taking a year off in 2015-16 after a highly successful year with a 100% pass rate. If you would like to take the MJDF exam in Scotland and require support our Glasgow MJDF tuition group can accommodate extra candidates for part 2 in May 2016 and both exams in October 2016/May 2017.

Please email Andrew Miller at events@fgdp-scotland.org if you would like to reserve a place on our tuition group.

MJDF Testimonials

Arvind Sharma, successful MJDF candidate

Arvind Sharma, successful MJDF candidate

Arvind Sharma BDS(Dund) MJDF RCS (Eng)

Having been an associate in the same practice since qualifying in 1996 I felt I needed to give myself a new challenge and fulfil my desire to gain a relevant postgraduate qualification.

After receiving the East of Scotland Study Group flyer I felt the MJDF qualification would tick my boxes. Gaining this qualification could prepare me in potentially buying my own practice or provide a stepping stone to possibly achieve a Master’s degree.

By joining the study group I soon realised how much work was involved but felt confident the structure, advice and support provided by the tutors would allow me to achieve my goal. Without the guidance of the study group the preparation for the examinations would have been a mammoth task and would certainly have taken longer than the 9 months I took to gain the MJDF.

Balancing work, family and study is certainly a challenge but something I ultimately found very rewarding. Subjects covered filled in gaps of knowledge which we all have and have hopefully made me a more proficient clinician.

Since being awarded the MJDF in 2012, I have joined the University of Central Lancashire and am now pursuing a part-time MSc in Endodontology. I feel the MJDF not only prepared me for further postgraduate education but I feel it also strengthened my application.

I would highly recommend this qualification to all GDP’s, young and mature. It not only will give you a sense of achievement but provide you with a qualification which is relevant to our working lives.

Maria Papavergos BDS,MJDF RCS(Eng):

The MJDF Qualification is a great opportunity to bring your knowledge back to your fingertips and an invaluable exercise in learning the requirements to being both a proficient clinician and capable of running a practice. The Study Group is key to motivating you and structuring the stages of the qualification into easy, achievable steps to gaining an edge over the BDS! The MJDF is a personal challenge that reaps professional rewards.

Jon Turnbull BDS,MJDF RCS(Eng):

“I have been a practice owner for several years and am currently a Dental Practice Adviser. I had been procrastinating for many years about doing a postgraduate qualification and was always able to find an excuse for not doing it. A friend of mine told me that he was joining the study group and explained a bit about it. It seemed more achievable than other qualifications that I had considered in the past so I decided to sign up for the study group too.

Once I had committed to work towards the qualification the course tutors made everything very easy and it was just a case of following the programme that they had put into place.  Having not sat an exam for 20 years it was hard to get back into that mind-set and the exams, in particular, required a lot of work. I felt it would be difficult to live down failing an exam that was designed for less experienced practitioners; however I was forced to bring my knowledge right up to date as well as dredging up all the facts that I had forgotten the day after my last exam! I was also able to fill in a few blanks with regard to running my own practice and, in retrospect, wish I had completed the qualification before I bought my own practice.

The structure provided by the study group was invaluable and I would urge anyone considering the MJDF to join one as the effort required to pull everything together on your own in the manner required, whilst at the same time doing a days work would be considerable. I found getting back into structured learning rewarding and would recommend it to any practitioners, young or old!”