Dental Awards – the debate


In 2012 FGDP(UK) Scotland joined the growing debate into the proliferation of dental awards and the effect they are having on the world of dentistry.  In March we will publish the results of a survey and report into the dental awards culture. In the meantime here are a few interesting facts and figures which highlight the way in which the dental awards structure operates.


The percentage of Scottish practices listed as entering 2012’s Dentistry Scotland Awards.  (28 practices* from an estimated 1,500 in Scotland)

*There were 106 entries in 2012’s awards from 28 practices.


The chances of walking away with an award if you were a finalist in 2012’s Dentistry Scotland Awards. This is based on being able to enter as many categories as you qualify for and can afford.


The number of known DRO reports undertaken to establish the quality of patient care and the estimated number site visits to the practices entered.


The percentage of dentists* attending the FGDP(UK) Scotland study day in 2012 who agreed that the awards were ‘not an accurate reflection of the profession’.

*Sample number 210

What do you think?

If so few practices enter the awards how is it possible to be ‘the best practice’? If you have entered the awards is this an accurate reflection of what happens? Is there a legitimate way to reward and publicise practices that achieve the highest standards in patient care?

These figures are based on information taken from the Dentistry Scotland award website and a survey of delegates at the 2012 study day.