Fellowship places available in Scotland

The Fellowship of the Faculty of General Dental Practitioners (FFGDP) is the highest award offered by the Faculty. The new Fellowship by assessment was launched in 2012, aims at opening up the qualification to practitioners with experience in a number of backgrounds.

Our first candidates will soon gain their Fellowship. If you are interested in joining the Fellowship group in Scotland please contact us to reserve your place at events@fgdp-scotland.org.

Gaining the fellowship will entail candidates demonstrating excellence in one (or more) of the five stated domains, namely:

Clinical practice

Management and leadership

Teaching, education and assessment


Law and ethics

Candidates are required to compile a portfolio of evidence (no written examination) which demonstrates their experience, development and standards in the chosen domain. Once completed the portfolio is then submitted for assessment with the final stage consisting of an interview at the Faculty.

Although it may seem initially daunting there are many practitioners in Scotland for whom the FFGDP is a very attainable award.