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Helping you to pass the MFDS or to refresh your knowledge during a pandemic!

You can now register for a place on our Study Group for the MFDS Part 1 tuition course (Aug-Sep) for the exams in October-November 2021. The course begins with an induction evening in July. Places are also available for our MFDS Part 2 exam group which will meet from January 2022 for the Spring exam diet.

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the benefits of

a postgraduate qualification now

Life as a dentist during a pandemic presents many challenges but also opportunities.

Now is the time to pass the MFDS or brush up on your knowledge after months away from your patients and a range of new guidelines to master. With our expert tuition you can get all of the information, tips and skills you need along with up to eight sessions/20 hours of CPD.

The aim of the MFDS examination is to assess your knowledge and understanding of the structures and processes required to provide quality-assured dental healthcare.

What our students say

Absolutely delighted to have passed!!

Thanks for all your help, the study nights made it so much easier. I doubt I’d have passed without it! Couldn’t recommend it enough! LP

Hope you are well, thankfully I passed!

Thank you so much for all your help and guidance in the study group. AM

Thanks for all the hard work you and everyone put into the study course, not sure it’d have been a pass without it. Look forward to seeing everyone in December. PA

I passed thank goodness! I’ve only heard good news from everyone else so far. Thanks for all your help and support with the MJDF study groups. It was really appreciated. I thought the study group was very well run and extremely supportive - please pass on my thanks to the other tutors. TC

Thanks a million for all the help with the mock exam!

It was a massive help. RM

Successful candidates will receive a Diploma, validating a period of vital postgraduate training that prepares you for general or specialist practice in either primary or secondary care. The exam consists of:

  • A Part 1 examination in the form of one written paper containing multiple choice questions (MCQs)
  • A Part 2 examination in the form of an objective structured clinical examination (OSCE)

May 2021 is a great time to sit this exam particularly if you are returning to study having passed Part 1 and need to complete Part 2.

MJDF group from 2017


Study Group

Our study group programme in Glasgow is designed to give you an understanding of the topics and skills covered in parts 1 and 2 of the MFDS examination. Prior to the advent of Covid-19, we guided up to 20 candidates through the MJDF exam each year using face-to-face tutorials and online resources and have achieved success rates of 100% every year since 2017.

In June 2020 we went online and expanded the programme to cover the MJDF and MFDS and from 2021 we will focus on MFDS. The study evenings provide a great platform for dentists who would like to reinforce their skills and knowledge after months of upheaval due to Covid-19.

So, with our help, you can work towards gaining a postgraduate qualification which shows your commitment to quality dental healthcare or use this opportunity to brush up on essential skills with updates on current developments and new working guidelines.

What you get with the Group is not just the means to pass an exam but an improved toolkit for dentistry. In our linked study evenings we tutor in a friendly, sociable way and gain from the range of experiences of our members - from our tutors, our newly qualified colleagues and dentists who may have practised for years.

How does it work?

When you sign up for our course you’ll gain access to a series of online tutored meetings, resources and a range of support (by email and on What’sApp) from experienced tutors. Our tutors are all volunteers who have recently been through the exam process themselves and are keen to share their expertise. It’s because of this, and our candidates hard work, that we have had such great success rates over the years.



For each part of the exam we offer four tutored sessions. From August-November 2021 these are provided online using Zoom. This gives us the best platform to combine tutor sessions, candidate presentations, discussion and updates. Most of you will be familiar with online CPD, these won’t just be a series of lectures – they are designed to be as interactive as possible.



If restrictions are lifted and we are able to meet up in person during the course then we will arrange to do this. We hope, in particular, to be able to offer face-to-face support and exam conditions for our Mock Exam Day for Part 2 but will only do this if it is deemed safe.

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When does the course run?

We will begin our academic year for Part 1 in 10 August 2021. Prior to this we will set out the course for you at an induction evening in July and list your reading materials.

We have limited space for our Part 2 course beginning in January 2022 with priority given to those who sat Part 1 with us in 2020.

All of this session’s provisional dates are set out below. If you have to miss any meetings there will be a summary of what we have covered along with full resources.

Study Group

Important Dates

2021 PART 1

Exam deadlines and dates

MFDS in Glasgow: Apply by 30 July 2021
(exam fee is £540) Exam held on 5 October 2021.

You can still join us for study evenings for this exam.

2022 PART 2

Exam deadlines and dates

MFDS in Glasgow/Manchester: 
Apply in early 2022 (exam fee is £730). Exam dates to be confirmed.

There is limited space for this Part 2 study group.

Study Group Tutor

Meeting dates and

Course content

Meetings are usually held on Tuesdays and will run from 6:30pm-9pm (between 2 and 2.5 hours) and will include the following topics relating to the MFDS plus recent updates on new working practices.

Due to a number of exam sittings having been revised or cancelled our study evening timetable is here as a guide. If you are interested in joining the Group or attending meetings please register and we will get back to you with the most up to date information.

Meeting # Provisional Date Potential Topics
Part 1 Meeting 1 10 August 2021 Clinical and legal considerations associated with Tooth Whitening, Local Anaesthetics and Anticoagulants and Antiplatelet Drugs
Part 1 Meeting 2 24 August 2021 Conventional and Resin-bonded Bridge Design, Treatment Planning for Mandibular Third Molars, Oral Cancer and Dental Trauma
Part 1 Meeting 3 14 September 2021 Sjogren’s Syndrome and Xerostomia, Dentoalveolar Infections, Odontogenic Cysts
Part 1 Meeting 4 October 2021 Consent and the Mental Capacity Act (2005), Minamata, Mock Paper
Part 2 Meeting 5 January 2022 TBC
Part 2 Meeting 6 February 2022 Mock Exam Evening
Part 2 Meeting 7 February 2022 TBC
Part 2 Meeting 8 TBC TBC

How do I join the Study Group and

Apply for a place on a specific exam

It’s easy to join our study group. Just fill out the simple form. We’ll then get back to you with more details.

We recommend joining the Group so that you can benefit from a full range of support but you can also attending individual meetings (i.e. the Mock Exam).

Once you have registered we’ll be in touch to discuss the payment options. To become a full member of the Study Group you will need to have made a payment from the options listed here.

mock exam day

How do I pay for

Tuition and exam fees?

For 2021 you can join the Part 1 Study Group and receive tuition for a lump sum of £200. Membership also provides you with potentially up to 12 hours of CPD (CPDA pending). For Part 2 in 2022, new members can join for £375 and this fee provides you with anticipated face-to-face teaching, 12 hours of CPD, a mock exam and access to the CGDent Scotland Study Day in December 2022.

If you are taking the MFDS exam you would need to pay the fee for this separately. There may also be support available for group members who are not currently employed.

Please contact us if you are interested in just attending a specific meeting or the Mock Exam event.

Option 1

monthly instalments

For 2022-23: ON HOLD

Pay for your tuition in monthly instalments to spread the cost. Beginning prior to the first study evening we’ll take monthly payments over two years to cover MFDS tuition. This covers you for all of the tuition for parts 1 and 2, online resources and membership of the What’s App group.

Option 2

lump sum Pt 1

For 2021: £200

Pay for all of your tuition in one go prior to the first tutor evening of the course. This covers you for all of the virtual tuition for part 1 online resources and membership of the What’s App group.

Option 3

lump sum Pt 2

For 2021: £375 by January 2022

Pay for all of your face-to-face tuition in one go prior to the beginning of Part 2 in January 2022. This covers you for all of the tuition for part 2, online resources and membership of the What’s App group.

REMEMBER, you need to pay for your exam fees separately and this information will be provided on the MFDS website. If you are taking the course to revise and refresh your skills the tuition fee will be your only cost.


    On completion of the course you will qualify for a much-reduced rate place at the FGDP(UK) Scotland Study Day on Friday 3 December 2021.


    The full course is anticipated to qualify for up to eight sessions of CPDA which if you are eligible can equate to the cost of tuition and your exam fees.


    If restrictions are lifted and we are able to hold a face-to-face Mock Day and subsequent post-event drinks we’ll pick up the tab!


    Further reductions may be available to founding members of the College of General Dentistry. Find out more about the College which will launch in 2021

Your Tutors

The tutors who run Scotland’s MJDF groups are practising dentists who have all gained postgraduate qualifications. We understand what it’s like to have to juggle work and study and so we have tried to tailor the course to be o f maximum benefit to you.

Our team for 2021-22 includes tutors Paul Friel, Kathleen Berry, Patricia Thomson, Robbie Thomson, David Comerford, Dayna Scully, Emma Carr and Jack Mollison. We also have the luxury of being able to call on a range of guest tutors and recent group members for specific subjects.

paul friel
Paul Friel
Jen McKenna
Jen McKenna
kathleen berry
Kathleen Berry
sharon letters
sharon letters
patricia thomson
patricia thomson
robbie thomson
robbie thomson

Our Study Group has helped guide hundreds of successful candidates through their postgraduate exams. We’ve helped new dentists kickstart their careers and older colleagues to rekindle their love of the profession. Above all we’ve made lifelong friends and built a community of like-minded people. During these times of uncertainty the Study Group is here for you, whatever your goal.